How to Setup Your First Budget

Let get started with Balanced by creating your first budget.
  1. You create a budget for a specific month. Let's do February 2019 for example.
  2. Go to budgets and click Add Budget.
  3. Specify the month (February 2019).
  4. Now we'll add items to the budget. Each of these items is a different thing that either adds money to your account or takes money away from your account.
  5. Let's try adding Mortgage as a Budget Item.
  6. Enter Mortgage in the box where it says Name in grey. This will be the label for this budget item.
  7. Now let's choose the Category of Rent/Mortgage.
  8. Next, we'll put in the amount of the Mortgage. Enter -2000 in the box. We use a negative number because it takes money out of your account. We would use a positive number for things like paychecks or tax returns.
  9. Finally, we can click the due date box to enter the date it is due. This will also add the item to your calendar.
  10. Repeat these steps for the remainder of the things you are budgeting for in February (you can add new rows by clicking Add a Row) and then click Save Budget.
  11. Congratulations, you're on your way to taking back the reins of your budget!
Ben Miller Feb 16, 2019