Hello World!

I've been hard at work making updates to Balanced and am pleased to let you know about our latest release.

This has been a culmination of the past 3 weeks of user feedback.


  • Mobile Refresh
  • Split Transactions
  • Ideas/Suggestions
  • User Profile Makeover
  • Login/Register Refresh
  • Default Categories
  • Blog!
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


Mobile Refresh

I have been hard at work continuing the design refresh. This time the focus was on mobile. The budget and transactions pages have been completely overhauled to make sure you still get the same functionality from the desktop on your mobile phone. 

Split Transactions

You now have the ability to split new transactions. Simply click the Add Transaction button in top right corner of the page and fill out the details for the transaction. You can then click Split Transaction to do just that. You can split a transaction as many ways as you want. I am still working on getting this functionality ported over to existing transactions.


We now have an Ideas/Suggestions page. You can see it at https://getbalanced.app/ideas. Feel free to submit your ideas for the website!

User Profile Makeover

In the spirit of design, we have updated the User Profile page to be more helpful. You can now edit your information and upload a profile image.

Login/Register Refresh

Login, Register, and Password reset pages have all been updated to match the new design.

Default Categories

Default categories have been added to help you get started on your budgeting.


We've added a blog! Obviously, you're reading it. I'll be updating this fairly frequently with General posts, How-To's and Changelogs like this one.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

I've added Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy to make sure I'm following regulations. Nothing scary about these. If you have any questions about the please reach out to me. I'll be adding a "Please Agree..." popup on login in the future if you signed up prior to these being added.

Ben Miller Feb 16, 2019